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How can I work out the exact BPM of a song?

Asked by
Cuvette 242
1 year ago

I've asked this a while ago, nobody knew the answer or had a detailed way of doing or explaining it.

I'm just curious as is how I could do this? There are a few nightclub Roblox games out there, that work out the exact BPM of a song that a player in the game has requested. I've tried using 'PlaybackLoudness' and countless formulas and algorithms to work it out, but it still doesn't work as expected.

Has anyone found a workaround and a way of doing it?

Thanks, Cuvette

A few minutes searching online and I have found that attempting to do this is very complex and many solutions that work for one genre might not work for others. There must be some algorithms out there to approximate it, but I can't locate any. What methods, exactly, have you tried? What did/didn't work with them? chess123mate 3668 — 1y
It's a bit long to explain here, but one of the methods I've tried is to log every time the song hits quite a high loudness for a few seconds or so and then work out how many times it's doing that per minute. But that only really works with certain songs that have 4 beats that stand out per bar. Otherwise it's a complete shamble. Cuvette 242 — 1y

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