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Help with Player Points ?

Asked by 7 years ago

How do i make a kill system with player points in my sword fighting game?

Like 1 kill = 1 player point? been stuck with this for hours now! please help!

does this work?

local PointsService = Game:GetService('PointsService')

_G.GivePlayerPoints = function(player, points)
    if player and points then
        points = math.floor(points)
        local success, errorText = pcall(function()
            local pointsAvailable = PointsService:GetAwardablePoints()
            local pointsToAward = math.min(points, pointsAvailable)
            _G.print(script.Name, "Awarding:", pointsToAward, "Total available:", pointsAvailable)
            PointsService:AwardPoints(player.userId, pointsToAward)
            _G.print(script.Name, "Done.\n")
        if not success then
            _G.print(script.Name, "FAILURE! ErrorMsg:", errorText)

2 answers

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Answered by
mruno 20
7 years ago

Hey there, this wiki page might be helpful:

As explained in the above link, a game will have a pool of points to give out. One point is generated in that pool per 1 robux spent in your game. (You can only give out points if someone has bought something like a game pass in your game)

Once you are clear with that, the functions you need are in the page I linked. Good luck!

EDIT: You added code while I was typing my post :P I'm not sure if that will work. Once you have some points to give out you can test it though.

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Answered by 7 years ago


Sorry Loriese 0 — 7y

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