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How to align a model with a part?

Asked by 3 years ago

I'm making a car spawner in my game and I have the cars in ServerStorage. I would like it so when the pad is clicked a car spawns on top aligned with it. I don't want to make a rotated car for each pad. So far what I have is using the MoveTo function to get it over the pad. Now I need to know how to rotate it to the proper axis.

Can you post the current code? User#5423 0 — 3y
script.Parent.MouseClick:connect(function() local Suburban = game.Workspace.Suburban local Pad = script.Parent.Parent Suburban:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(CFrame.Angles()) Suburban:MoveTo(, Pad.Position.Y + 6, Pad.Position.Z)) end) Crimson_Foxx 60 — 3y

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