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What is a denounce? [closed]

Asked by 7 years ago

I've heard people talking about it but don't get the concept or what it means/does.

Sorry denounce is the right word. ScriptNHelper 5 — 7y

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Answered by
Azarth 3113 Moderation Voter Community Moderator
7 years ago

A debounce is just what people call a bool to stop something from firing a bunch of times or to keep people from doing something until after a certain amount of time. A 'debounce' can be called anything.

local db = true -- can be named anything
    if hit.Parent and hit.Parent:findFirstChild("Humanoid") and db then -- checking to see if db is true,   then setting it to false if it is, then adding a small wait() at the end will keep the script from spamming instance(below)
        db = false"Part", Workspace).Name = "NoSpam"
        db = true