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Can you help me with finding a variable?

Asked by 2 years ago

**I found this script for a money stat but I do not know the variable to increase or decrease the value of money, here is the script: **

print("Cash Leaderboard Loaded")

function onPlayerEntered(newPlayer)

    stats ="IntValue")
    stats.Name = "leaderstats"

    cash ="IntValue")
    cash.Name = "Money"       --name of currency (e.g. cash, money, resources, bucks, etc.)
    cash.Value = 1000      --starting money.

    cash.Parent = stats
    stats.Parent = newPlayer


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Answered by
Cuvette 242
2 years ago

If you want to increase it in the same script use

Cash.Value = Cash.value + 10

Or whatever number you choose


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