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Random brick spawning script broken?

Asked by 3 years ago
 Part = 1
Wedge = 2
Cylinder = 3    

    while true do,2,3))

It's supposed to create a random brick that is either Part, Wedge or cylinder.

Part of an exercise I am doing. Thank you! :D

1 answer

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Answered by 3 years ago

Good attempt but you have used math.random incorrectly and your variables are useless.

In your code you have told math.random to start at 1, end at 2 and increment by 3 each time. (Which is impossible!) Math.random should be used like this: math.random(starting number, end number, [increment])

Your variables are not getting used in your code so i have replaced them with an array (table)

Below i have changed and fixed your code.


Objects = { --Define the different objects
"Part",    --Index of 1
"Wedge",  --Index of 2
"Cylinder"   --Index of 3

objects[1]  would return "Part"
objects[2]  would return "Wedge"
objects[3]  would return "Cylinder"[1])  would create a new part.[2])  would create a new wedge.[3])  would create a new cylinder.

Using math.random we can select one of the above commands to be run
math.random(1,3)  will return either 1, 2 or 3

Which allows us to select an object at random.
objects[math.random(1,3)]  would return either "Part", "Wedge" or "Cylinder"

So finally we can create an object at random by combining all the code together.[math.random(1,3)]) 

while true do[math.random(1,3)]) 
To add onto this I suggest doing while wait(0.5) do then have an end it just cleans up nicer Prioxis 682 — 3y
^ jordan0810 55 — 3y
^ Vezious 290 — 3y

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