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Indexing UserGameSettings?

Asked by
OniiCh_n 410 Moderation Voter
6 years ago

I'm trying to index the MouseLock boolean. I'm doing this because I need to make sure all players are in MouseLockSwitch so the gameplay isn't ruined. Since the UserGameSettings are technically an object, isn't it possible to index them?

^States that it is in fact an object so...

I've tried


but it gives me the error "attempt to index global 'RBX' (a nil value)


2 answers

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Answered by 6 years ago
Mmkay, thanks. I've been playing around and I was able to get my way to the ControlMode... Can't seem to edit Enums though... Is there a way to modify Enums? OniiCh_n 410 — 6y
You can't change UserSettings. It's read-only last I checked. Everesty 1016 — 6y
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Answered by
Everesty 1016 Moderation Voter
6 years ago

RBX.lua.UserGameSettings is just a namespace, from what I remember. The object's actual name is UserGameSettings. To get these settings, just call UserSettings().

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