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Check if a players age is over 13? [closed]

Asked by 6 years ago

I know there is Player GetUnder13 but I cannot use that...

Does anyone know how a game can check if user is under or over 13?

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Answered by
XAXA 1569 Moderation Voter
6 years ago

It is possible to check if the player is 13+ with a neat trick: use FilterStringForPlayerAsync!

According to the wiki article for FilterStringForPlayerAsync:

Filters a string appropriate to the given player's age settings, so they see what is appropriate to them. This function will only work if called from a Script on the server. If called on a client it will fail.

After testing this with several "naughty words" on two different accounts (my account, which is 13+, and a dummy account that is <13, I came up with several words that get filtered differently between the two, the most benign of which is suck.

On a 13+ account:

> print(game:GetService("Chat"):FilterStringForPlayerAsync("suck", player))

On a <13 account:

> print(game:GetService("Chat"):FilterStringForPlayerAsync("suck", player))

Now all we have to check if the filtered string contains #'s. For that, we can use string.match. string.match returns nil if it can't find a matching substring. eg:

> print(("suck"):match("#"))
> print(("####"):match("#"))

Wrap this in a function, make it return true if string.match returns something and false otherwise, and you've got a re-implementation of GetUnder13!

function GetUnder13(player)
    return (game:GetService("Chat"):FilterStringForPlayerAsync("suck", player)):match("#") and true or false

Tested, and this should return false for a 13+ account and true for a <13 account.

Oh, and test this in a real Roblox server from a server-side script, otherwise FilterStringForPlayerAsync will not work. XAXA 1569 — 6y
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Answered by 6 years ago

This is not possible, you can only get the in-game age of a player, This is only the account age . You can't get the age of a roblox player due to security reasons

then i will make my game ask for username and password and then make an api request to view age huehuehue iipooplord 15 — 6y
Let the flagging for potentially malicious script begin. You can not request users to provide a username and password. That is against ROBLOX's Terms of Service. Anyways, people can lie about their age it's not that hard. M39a9am3R 3210 — 6y