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GUI Leaderboard [closed]

Asked by 8 years ago

How do you make a leaderboard with decals, Like Legacy 3.

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Answered by
Merely 2122 Moderation Voter Community Moderator
8 years ago

Creating a GUI leaderboard is a big task - this is too big to fit into a single question. We are willing to help out with single steps along the way, but we will not write your code for you.

First off, do you know the basic steps for creating a ScreenGui, and creating TextLabels and ImageLabels? If you need some help getting started with GUIs, I recommend the Beginner's GUI Tutorial on the Roblox Wiki.

Once you have a specific question about working with GUIs, come back and we'll be happy to help :)

OK, Thanks. ChandlerTech 5 — 8y