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Is there an easy to use Data Store alternative that works across all ROBLOX games?

Asked by
iAviate 20
4 years ago


I'm trying to make a script that will basically allow a value to be accessed by all games across ROBLOX. It's kinda hard to explain, but I'm just really looking for a data store that all games on ROBLOX can access if they have the name of the data store (doesn't have to be a data store, but should have the functionality of having keys and values or something of that ilk).



The only idea I have is uploading data to Trello. This will be hard, since I guess the data is for every player that plays your game? TheDeadlyPanther 2437 — 4y
It's a script that anyone can put in their game that can access and edit the same values that everyone else's version of that script can access iAviate 20 — 4y
If the data you are saving isn't very big, e.g. a bool or number or short string, you can use my Pastebin upload script: GShocked 148 — 4y
Or make your own website that takes POST information and saves it, but you'd also have to know or learn PHP. Also know that if PostAsync data is greater than 256 bytes, it is GZIPed, so the server receiving the data will have to unGZIP the data. GShocked 148 — 4y
@GShocked; node.js can be used to create a webserver in leiu of PHP. Also, a recent update allows us to send uncompresses data greater than 256 bytes! It's an extra bool argument to PostAsync. adark 5436 — 4y

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