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Locking the mouse/camera, like in MouseLockSwitch [closed]

Asked by
OniiCh_n 410 Moderation Voter
8 years ago

How would I get the camera to follow the mouse, and to lock the mouse to the center of the screen, kind of like in MouseLockSwitch. The reason I don't want to use MouseLockSwitch is because players would be given the option to NOT use MouseLockSwitch, causing the game's fundamental mechanics to suffer. (Making a MOBA like Smite really)

I already have the script so that the camera is pointing towards where the player is viewing, and if you right-click + drag, both the player and camera move in unison. I just need to eliminate the need to RMB + Drag.

Any suggestions on what methods and events I should be using?

I would like this for my GTA Game also... but I think, like there are Head movements towards the mouse, well instead, do the whole body (which is possible if u use ur Brain!) and then I don't know about the Camera since there are only certain types :/ I'll need to do more Research... anyway, wish ya luck finding out! KAAK82 16 — 8y

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Answered by
Merely 2122 Moderation Voter Community Moderator
8 years ago

So you're trying to create a third-person mode where you can swivel the camera around your character by simply moving the mouse? It seems that you're saying you want the camera to point towards the direction the player is facing, but at the same time you want the camera to point towards the direction the mouse is pointing. Which one is it?

It's not possible to lock the mouse to the center of the screen unless you set the Player's CameraMode to "LockFirstPerson"

Look at Strobe. I wonder how they did that... OniiCh_n 410 — 8y