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Changing ROBLOX Default character Animations?

Asked by 8 years ago

Hey guys, so I've been trying to change ROBLOX default animations and I tried a few methods that didn't work, including the one suggested in the Wiki.

1st: I tried changing the IDs located inside the animate script. "Char.Animate.walk.WalkAnim.AnimationId ="

2nd: I tried doing the first method but using a script, then I decided to make a copy of Animate script with changed IDs, store it in ReplicatedStorage and clone it then delete the one created by the engine.

3rd: Tried the first two methods but with some type of wait and verifying the character had spawned.

4th: I also tried disabling the script changing the IDs and then enabling it.

None of the methods worked (only in solo mode), I also tried to see why no changes were made and decided to just delete the Animate script created by default but I saw it wasn't being erased, tried doing it using a local and normal script.

Can someone please help me?

Here let me get my sript. fireboltofdeath 635 — 8y
Copy & edit existing Animation script. Then just replace the old Animation script with the new one you edited. Redbullusa 1580 — 8y
Or he can just do my script.. fireboltofdeath 635 — 8y
Uh-huh... Redbullusa 1580 — 8y
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Look in the output, are you getting "Asset not trusted for this place"? ClassicTheBlue 65 — 8y
I already tried all this methods, read the post. - 3- Slazerick 55 — 8y
Outputa? fireboltofdeath 635 — 8y

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Answered by
sigve10 94
8 years ago

Changing the default animations doesn't work for me either, but I will try to solve your problem:

In solo mode (studio) your player spawns before scripts do, so they will not see that a player is added. A way of fixing this would be:

function onPlayerAdded (player)
    -- Lots of ur code
local Players = game:GetService("Players")

--When a player joins, call the onPlayerAdded function

--Call onPlayerAdded for each player already in the game
for _,player in pairs(Players:GetPlayers()) do
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Answered by 8 years ago
    while not player.Character do wait()end
    local character=player.Character
    local animateScript=character.Animate
    animateScript.idle.Animation1.AnimationId="" --Change ID

--Don't forget to change idle and animation1 to correct paths

Add in normal script in serverscriptstorage. Read instructions.

you should use "repeat wait() until player.Character" instead of that on line 2. unmiss 337 — 8y
@jackctaylor | They both literally do the same job. He doesn't have to change anything. Redbullusa 1580 — 8y
@Jackctaylor, difference please fireboltofdeath 635 — 8y
I already stated the method used in the Wiki didn't work, did you even read the post? Slazerick 55 — 8y
It works for me. So I have no ideaa what your problem is. fireboltofdeath 635 — 8y
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Answered by
AIphanium 124
6 years ago

The answer is quite easy!

-- Even if this Question was made 2 years ago, i will still answer it! --

The method to change player's animation is...

Removing The Player's Animate Script

--- To do that, you have to remove their animate script once each player joins. ---- Note : Use a Normal Script for that.

Creating And Replacing Another Animate Script

--- To do this, you have to Copy the Animate Script inside the actual Player's Character, which means once you are in test mode, find the script named "Animate", and Copy it!

------ Note : Only LOCAL script for this; most be placed inside the Script you have created, to find the Local Script, and replace it with YOUR script.

Hope it helps!

Just gave a METHOD, no scripts ;)

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Answered by 5 years ago
Edited 5 years ago

I know I'm three years late but it's just in case someone stumbles upon this article. This is the FASTEST AND EASIEST way of doing this.

  1. Copy and paste the default "Animate" script in "StarterCharacterScripts"
  2. Edit it as you please
  3. Done

If you need any help or have any questions please contact me. ;)

Holy crap I've been looking for the past hour for things that work and nothing has worked and i tried your method thinking it wasnt going to work either but then it actually worked and so I had to make a scripthelpers account just to thank you. I was thinking i would never get my animations to work! Thank you so much! FURIOUSAPE 0 — 5y
You're very welcome! By the way, you can delete any of the children inside the animate script as they don't do anything to the script (to clean up). All you really have to do is just change the animation links within the script. lazycoolboy500 597 — 5y

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