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How do I rotate a mesh to fit a tool handle?

Asked by 7 years ago

I want to make it so that instead of being rotated downwards when held, the mesh is facing upwards... How would I rotate this mesh? Sorry if it's a stupid or easy to fix question.

Thank you.

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Answered by
Bebee2 195
7 years ago

A. Change the GripUp property of the tool (I think)

B. Manually CFrame the tool's setting position in the output like:

ToolPlacementHere.Grip = CFrame.new(PosX,PosY,PosZ)*

Of course replace the Pos and Angle to actual numbers.

Thanks a ton, I'll be editing a lot of meshes for a new game I'm making, this really helped pigpoop187 10 — 7y
NP, btw, it would be nice to show this question is answered by pressed the up arrow that is above my head. Bebee2 195 — 7y
LOL I don't have enough reputation, sorry... I'll try to post more now xD pigpoop187 10 — 7y

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