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City with sound and when entered in show something like a billboard?

Asked by 7 years ago

Hello, how I can make a city with his unique music and to show on the screen what's the name of the location/city/town and then disappear? Please, respond to my question ASAP! Thanks for reading my question!

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Answered by 7 years ago

1) You need to make a GUI that with a TextLabel object in, that you can change to the name of the "location/city/town".

2) Then have a loop that checks whether the player is in a certain area, or it might be easier to have the baseplate of the location/city/town linked up to a touched event, so when someone walks on it, it will display the message.

3) You will also need to create what is called a 'debounce', you will need a variable to store the current location/city/town so that the message isn't displayed if they are already in that location/city/town.

@Scriptury Thanks for the explanation, but can I have an example or something? I'm very weak at scripting. Thanks! LegoBlock222 5 — 7y
If this helped you could you please mark it as the correct answer to help others. What part are you stuck on? Scriptury 70 — 7y
Please contact me on ROBLOX, I didn't got stuck at all, but I don't know how to script, so... I kinda need help with all the scripts. Sorry! LegoBlock222 5 — 7y

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