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Automatic Name Hiding Script [closed]

Asked by
Corogl 0
10 years ago

Me and my good friend Zusik (yes, THE Zusik) are having trouble finding & creating a script that does exactly what the title says; hides the names of every player in the game without having to click any GUI. We figure it's possible, but whenever we test them many times it works only for me (creator of the place) but once I die the script becomes invalid.

Does anyone happen to know of a working script that does exactly what we need? If required I can give you what we have for you to work off of.

Thanks in advance,

-- Corogl & Zusik

This has nothing to do with pathfinding. Please remove that tag. MarkOtaris 241 — 10y

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Answered by 10 years ago
local hc = character:WaitForChild("Head"):Clone()
hc.Name = "FakeHead"
hc.Parent = character
local w ="Weld")
w.Part0 = character.Head
w.Part1 = hc
w.Parent = character.Head
character.Head.Transparency = 1