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I need help making all players walk throughable?

Asked by 3 years ago

This is what I have but no luck. It also worked if it was removing there arms.

game.Players.PlayerAdded:connect(function(player) player.CharacterAdded:connect(function(character) character:FindFirstChild("Head").CanCollide = false character:FindFirstChild("Left Arm").CanCollide = false character:FindFirstChild("Left Leg").CanCollide = false character:FindFirstChild("Right Arm").CanCollide = false character:FindFirstChild("Right Arm").CanCollide = false character:FindFirstChild("Torso").CanCollide = false end) end)

Like in this game.

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Answered by
iSvenDerp 228 Moderation Voter
3 years ago

Hi I'm on mobile so I can't test this but i have another solution for this. Simply make all the parts canCollide = false

for i,v in pairs -- this is making a for variable so we can make v our get children variable. (game.Workspace:GetChildren()) do -- this is getting all parts in workspace v.CanCollide = false -- this is making t false

Like I said I'm on mobile but it should work let me know if it did or didn't


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