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How do I make if someone name is something the rest of the script is denied for them? Found out how

Asked by 6 years ago

I wanna make a chat gui When I try to make a (Owner) at front for me It double posts so I am trying to make it cancel the first one for my player Then make the one with (Owner) start

I tried using ifplayername = player.Name == "fireboltofdeath" then I put ifplayername = false But when I added if ifplayername == true then The rest is script it cancelled the whole script.

1 answer

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Answered by 6 years ago

im not sure what your trying to say but if you want a script to only run for one player then you could do something like this

player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
if player.Name ~= "fireboltofdeath" then
-- rest of code here
Ok thanks I'll see if it works then if it does..You know we earn reputation :/ fireboltofdeath 630 — 6y
Thanks but I found out how! fireboltofdeath 630 — 6y

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