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How would I be able to even the number of people on a team?

Asked by 10 years ago

How can I be able to have a(n) even number of people on 2 different teams? or at least 1 person off?? I'm not sure how the code would work.

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1waffle1 2908 Trusted Badge of Merit Moderation Voter Community Moderator
10 years ago
local colors={"Bright blue","Bright red"}
for i,v in ipairs(game.Players:GetPlayers())do[(i-1)%#colors+1])

Each player in the game will have their teamcolor set to the corresponding index in the table of colors that matches or loops around to match their index in Players.

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Answered by 10 years ago

Or you could go into the Roblox Studio > Explorer > Teams > Properties > Even Teams Thingy

Sorry this may not be to accurate I haven't seen the new studio and haven't made an even team spawn yet so..Yeah there you have it.

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