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How do you make an Application GUI?

Asked by 8 years ago

Here is the script for it, but it doesnt show up when I click on the button before clicking button : after clicking button : ===========================================script V==================================

--Famion _G.AppSettings = {

Name = "BOA",
Key = "12389817818",
questions = {

"1.) What rank are you applying for?",
"2.) What skills are required for the job?",
"3.) List the order of importance of the skills that you listed.",
"4.) What knowledge is needed for this job?",
"5.) List what knowledge is needed in order of importance.",
"6.) What work styles are associated with this job?",
"7.) List the work styles you listed in order of importance.",
"8.) What work values should you get from this job?",
"9.) List the order of importance of these work values.",


Hints = {
    Hint1 = "1.) Use the scroll bars to scroll through your application.",
    Hint2 = "2.) Remember to use grammar.",
    Hint3 = "3.) Your application saves automatically.",
    Hint4 = "4.) Send a request to BOA"

GroupID = 975784,
RankForAdmin = 11,
Admins = {"Famion","ashpokeman5"},
Exclusions = {"Famion","ashpokeman5"},
SubmittedTeam = "Submitted",
VisitorTeam = "Visitor",
FailedTeam = "Failed",
PassedTeam = "Passed",
Give us your scripts so we can help you. Senor_Chung 210 — 8y
I must say, this code block containing a lot of strings doesn't give us much information. First, what's the code to actually PUT the text into the GUI? TheArmoredReaper 173 — 8y
I dont know that. OverlyPoweredKid 0 — 8y
You need to know somewhat of what you're doing before asking questions on this website, go to learn at FutureWebsiteOwner 270 — 8y

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