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How to force a player to look a certain direction?

Asked by 4 years ago

How do I stop a player from rotating his/her character around? Kind of like mouselock except without the ability to turn around.

1 answer

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Answered by 4 years ago

This is a lot easier than what you might think. Their is a boolean value named AutoRotate inside of the Humanoid, now using it is also very easy. I'll just show you how to do it by using the touched event.

    if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then -- need a humanoid first!
        hit.Parent.Humanoid.AutoRotate = false -- That's all! Easy!     

If you don't understand something, all you need to do is Comment bellow or PM me on ROBLOX! You can change AutoRotate with a GUI or ChatCommand, Etc! Please Accept and Plus1 if I helped!

  • true allows a player to rotate
  • false will not allow a player to rotate, even in FirstPerson!
  • Whatever direction you're facing when autoRotate is false, is the direction you're stuck in!
Thanks! Neon_N 104 — 9mo

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