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How to know when the player is a Guest?

Asked by 5 years ago

Hey, guys. So I've been working on this Gui that shows the player's avatar picture when they join the game by finding their userId. It works great; but that's not the problem.

You see, when I played as a Guest, I noticed that there was no avatar picture - it was just a picture with an X. This means that Guests do not have userIds correct?

I'm not so sure, but I made a TextLabel that had the word"Guest" on it appear whenever the userId of the player couldn't be found; but it's not working...

This is the script inside the TextLabel (It is a localscript):

local button = script.Parent
local userid = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.userId -- (The parenting here is correct!)

if userid == nil then
    button.Visible = true

I think I'm trying to veer into a completely different direction, but could anyone please explain to me how to accomplish this? THANKS!

1 answer

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Answered by 5 years ago

To me, to check if a 'Player' is a Guest, is to check:

  1. If the starting of the Name is Guest

  2. If the Player's userId property is a Negative number

There are multiple ways of checking if the Player is a Guest, but, I have only listed two.

For the code, we will require the following codes:

  1. The if Statement

  2. Let's try using a LocalScript, and using the LocalPlayer to get the Client

  3. Using the sub-string method to check the Name/Characters within the String

Now, with all this in mind, let us write the code;

local button = script.Parent --From the original code; Variable 'button' is identifying the Script's Parent
local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer --Variable 'plr' is now identifying the 'LocalScript''s Client

if plr.userId <= -1 or plr.Name:sub(1,6) == "Guest " then --The code here is checking if the Player's 'userId' property is less than or equal to '-1', or, if the Player's Name/String Characters between '1-6' is 'Guest ' [Real Guest use Spaces in their names, fake ones don't]
button.Value = true --If the Player is a real 'Guest', then it will set the 'button''s 'Visible' property to true, making the GUI appear/Visible to the Client
end --This ends the chunk to the 'if' statement

Hope this helped!

Thanks so much! dpark19285 370 — 5y
No problem, glad to help! :D TheeDeathCaster 2309 — 5y
I recommend just using the ID, since a player can name themselves "Guest" and not actually be a guest. aquathorn321 816 — 5y
That is why I added a space ' ' to the 'Guest' string, every 'Guest' has the name 'Guest ', then the random number, there is a space between the Name and Number [E.xx; 'Guest' '1337'], and, in the code, it is doing just that. @Aquathorn321 TheeDeathCaster 2309 — 5y

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