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Issues with HttpService/Trello Script?

Asked by 9 years ago

No idea what is wrong with this code, basically, it is supposed to fire the code to Trello and create a card in Trello, yet this is obviously not happening. If it were I would not be asking. Anyway, below is the code, the answer to my problems may be simple syntax, but I'm guessing not.

function Post()


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Answered by
bobder2 135
9 years ago

It could be an issue with key=TRELLOPRIVATEKEY on line 2, you might not be putting in the key correctly, or you need to use httpservice to urlencode it if it's got special characters that can't be used.

I'm assuming you replaced `key=TRELLOPRIVATEKEY` with the key provided by trello's website. If not, you might need to consult google to figure out where to find this trello key. Let me know if you figure something out, I love to use trello. bobder2 135 — 9y

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