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Need help figuring out the math for drifting?

Asked by 1 year ago

So I've literally been spending days trying to figure out how on earth the math for mario kart style drifting would be.

I am really bad when it comes to the math side of programming in general, it is so confusing for me to understand more complex integrations.

Here's what I have written currently:

local primaryPart = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.PrimaryPart

    while true do
        if script.Parent.Value == false then

        -- drift here


Within the 'drift here' comment, I have use a number of different things including: - Nested for loops - TweenService - CFraming - Vectoring

I have also searched up similar works where the closest I have found was a realistic one done on unity and the unity java code works takes in very different inputs from roblox lua.

Even a push in the right direction is a big help. Thank you.

Can you show Mario Kart Style Drifting? Send a video recording pls thx T3_MasterGamer 2189 — 1y
I mean, I found this: but it is for unity games. The translated code would look different for roblox lua games but because physics differ slightly on roblox, I need to translate it for it to work. I have since tried many methods but they just result in the kart glitching stuck in the same position. GoingToAnnoyYou 2 — 1y

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