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How to create a Rig which features minor gore via Union(?)

Asked by 1 year ago

Hello Developers!

Let me explain what I mean; I want to create a Rig that inside of said Rig has minor gore such as: A Skeleton inside of the Rig, a Heart, Lungs, Etc. and I want to reveal it using Union if a player touches a blade of some short.

The way I imagine it is simple; There will be a part and if an axe blade touches said part, the part will create a cut depending on what the axe blade is facing, for example if the axe blade is in a perfect 90 degree angle and the sharp part of said axe blade touches the part, the part will create a hole which creates the same shape

I however don't know if it's even possible to create (and sorry if your still confused, I just don't know how to explain it more simplifier)

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