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When I Was Playing My Game With My Friend, Friend Said That He Has No Viewmodel, What I Do?

Asked by 1 year ago
Edited 1 year ago

Well Its Just Make Arm Visible When First Person And Not Like Viewmodel But

When My Friend Open Developer Console, It Says

Infinite yield possible on 'Workspace.[FriendName]:WaitForChild("Right Arm")' Stack Begin Script 'Workspace.[FriendName].Arms' , Line 5 Stack End

I'm Not That Good With Script, I Am Newbie To It.

Here Is Script!

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

local model = game.Workspace:WaitForChild(player.Name)

local rightarm = model:WaitForChild("Right Arm")
local leftarm = model:WaitForChild("Left Arm")


    rightarm.LocalTransparencyModifier = 0
    leftarm.LocalTransparencyModifier = 0

Okay but does the script work? T3_MasterGamer 2189 — 1y
Are these the roblox character's arms or do you add the arms to their character? Maybe they spawned as an R15 character which have different arms virushunter9 943 — 1y

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