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How to detect when a tween repeats?

Asked by
Jac_00b 157
1 year ago

Hello, I am making a game where cars drive on a road and then infinitely loop using tweens. I want to make it so that on some repeats, I can change something on the car. To do this, I would need to detect when a tween repeats so I can apply the change when it repeats and then take it off on the next one. I tried looking up a solution to this, but only found one very inefficient solution that likely wouldn't work for what I need. Can someone help with this problem? Thank you.

If your tween time is 180 seconds for example, won't it just repeat the tween after 180 seconds? Xapelize 2658 — 1y
Sorry for such a late response, but there are some problems with this. Firstly, this would be quite inefficient to do since I have quite a few tweens in the game, and all would need to be tracked separately. Also, sometimes for some reason when there is no delay on a tween it still waits a few seconds before respawning. If this happens often, then it could offset from the wait loop. Jac_00b 157 — 1y

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