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Script killing player on DialogChoice doesnt work [?]

Asked by 1 year ago
Edited 1 year ago

Hey guys! Actually made a script for my game which kills the player if the dialog choice but it seems to have an error Here's it by the way

local dialog = script.Parent--Or whatever the path is

dialog.DialogChoiceSelected:connect(function(player, choice) --This is getting the service when the choice is selected
    if choice == script.Parent.Else.Else1.Else2.Else3.SkyColor.A.Else4.OwnerName.C.Fail8 then
        game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.Health = 0

I had thoughts that its because the DialogChoice has two variables = UserDialog and ResponseDialog, but even if I am true, I have no ideas how to fix the script.

The script itself is located in the Dialog, not in any of the DialogChoices. Thank you scripters!

UPD.: Rewriting the script to LocalScript didn't help me.

It's probably because LocalScripts don't run in workspace. Instead, you change it back to normal script, but this time RunContext should be set to Client. T3_MasterGamer 2189 — 1y
Also change line 5 to @Puppy_lovertheawsome's answer T3_MasterGamer 2189 — 1y

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Answered by 1 year ago

Try doing instead of game.Players.LocalPlayer.Blah blah blah do player.Character.Humanoid.Health = 0. Hope this helps

Thank you! It became working after I changed my 5th line and also made the Server Script. Also thanks to @T3_MasterGamer nikitos54327 70 — 1y
:) Puppy_lovertheawsome 84 — 1y

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