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How to make a code run after a specific sentence gets printed?

Asked by 10 months ago

So basically I made a voting system GUI and whatever option got the most votes, for example Option A, in Output, It will print/say Option A won. I want this to launch a code that makes it so another GUI shows up. So basically when it prints "Option A Won" I want it to make it/ launch open another specific GUI for only a specific amount of seconds.

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Answered by 10 months ago

I don't think you can do that but instead you can fire a remote event.



Then in serverscriptservice example

game.Screengui.Enable = true
game.Screengui.Enable = false

You will need to get these scripts to work with your setup cause they will not work Hope this helps!!

Shouldn't he use a `BindableEvent` for this instead, as he is transferring data from a Server-Script to another Server-Script? DindinYT37 246 — 10mo

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