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How to make a point giver and game regen including terrain like in dig to china?

Asked by 1 year ago


So what im trying to do here, if someone touches a part, it will give a message like: "[user] digged to china!" and will recive like a 1,000 points. (i have leaderstats already) and i want to be like, there woudl be 8 mins in the round, and you can touch it once, and after a round it will reset, so you can touch it again. And keep in mind that the cooldown don't affect any other players! so yea, if you can help, i will appreciate it. Thanks!


Basically the same that was in dig to china so i try to keep one post about one topic. Okay, so as i said, there will be 8 mins in round, and player must dig to the point. if he dosen't reach to the point in time, he will get teleported to the spawnpoint. and after the round ends, terrain will regen, as also the point giver in problem one. If you have time for me, please help. Thanks!

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