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I need Loot script for the crate, is it possible to ask you for help ?

Asked by 25 days ago

Make a script in Lua for Roblox Studio, where when a player interacts with proxmityprompt ( script. Parent ) then the player will get one of the items from the "Items" folder in ServerStorage to the backpack, after that there will be a cooldown for 20 seconds, that is, then no player can get anything simply there will be no reaction, and after 20 seconds again some player will enter this interaction and get some random item, if a player already draws the same thing, then print("Same thing") and gets nothing, because in the backpack there can be a maximum of one such thing with that name, make it so that only people from Team "Red" can enter this interaction, the others do not see proxmityprompt, so Enabled = false. Thanks for answers.

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