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What should StreamingTargetRadius be realistically set to?

Asked by 12 days ago

So I already saw the Wikipedia on Streaming Enabled so you don't need to answer citing The devforum

My plan was that I would realistically set it to something extremely large since my map is big and that is realistiaclly the target I want to set for players

however I was wondering if this was bad practice

I don't know why I think that but since my map maximum is like 2048 * 3 in radius for everything to load

which is nearly like 8000 in radius

and most computers wont be able to handle that either way

but for computers that can handle it

they can see the whole map

also the map is made so that I have big basebplates meaning

if one of them dosen't load

it is extremely noticeable

but i dont wanna be hiding it with fog too


what do you guys reccomend ?

Put it to the fog’s range Puppynniko 983 — 12d
Or unload trees or small details that are far and only load them when you are near them Puppynniko 983 — 12d
I thought Roblox did that automatically? Overseer_Prince 174 — 12d

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