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Animation is wrong when the player does it but works on rig?

Asked by 14 days ago

I am currently trying to make an animation that makes the player hold a ball. When I animated it on the rig, it was fine. Playing it on the rig I animated it on is fine as well, but when I try it on the player, it looks like this:


This is for every animation I try to make. Ball position is good! It's the arms that are not in the right place. I think this is for other parts of the rig as well.

Rig: Boy Rig R15

I think Its because of a ROBLOX Update, I've heard that ROBLOX Silently disabled a property that Is very Important to F.E,Combat,etc. They have removed the Workspace.AnimationWeightedBlendFix, It may cause certain animations to bug out imnotaguest1121 313 — 14d

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