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Question about the best way to go about serverside and client side in a place system?

Asked by 17 days ago
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So let me explain

I have a placement system ready

now I have 2 choices when doing server side and client side connections

When the player builds and places something I can fire a remote event to place it right away

the second option which I think is better is

after the player has finished building I can fire a table of remote events and load all of the objects in their base.

What do you guys think is generally a better practice to do so?

Basically to summarize it

Option 1 is

When the player places something

it fires right away and places it on the server

Option 2 is

let the player place everything local sided

and when they are finished

Fire all the objects in a table in remote event

and show it on the server

Option 1 is more flexible visually whereas option 2 would be safer and less glitchy with some room to exploit more. Ultimately if you know what you are doing then you can ignore that and go with option 2, seems better than constantly giving data to the server greatneil80 2641 — 17d

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Answered by 16 days ago

A combination of option 1 and option 2 can be achieved. Option 1 prevents exploits and option 2 doesn't. When the player places something, have it be placed on that client, while also sending a remote to the server which is storing the information about the size of the part, position, color etc. The information is stored in the server but the server isn't creating the object. When the client is finished building, the server will fire a remote to ALL clients with all the information sent from the first event, and then it will replicate to all the clients, reducing the server load, and making it exploit proof. Of course you can edit the system I presented to what you want to achieve like, if you want it to show up to all players while the player is still building etc.

Both options can be exploited Kingu_Criminal 170 — 15d
Of course in the nature of his game, exploiting is imminent, however the scale of it is reduced so instead of the exploiter being able to load in whatever they want instantly, using this makes it where they can only exploit by placing the blocks in a desired position automatically. Still forces them to go through block placement etc. manith513 61 — 10d

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