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[SOLVED] Expected identifier for unknown reason. any solution?

Asked by 18 days ago
Edited 18 days ago

Hi i wanted to do a script that teleports you to position. that was not a problem but i used local part for the teleport script to get the part Position but it game a error and i have no idea why.


local teleportPart = workspace.MAP.["Stone Portal"].MAINPART.WinnerPart


Error: :1: Expected identifier got '['

write workspace.MAP["Stone Portal"] instead of workspace.MAP.["Stone Portal"] (see no dot between MAP and ["Stone Portal"]) imKirda 4428 — 18d
this time it shows this error: Stone Portal is not a valid member of folder MAP superaceCZ 28 — 18d
make sure Stone Portal is in the MAP, but if it is, where is this script located and do you want to teleport the player to the portal after spawn or somewhere after touch of a button? imKirda 4428 — 18d
it was not in MAP and one more folder i forgot its fixed. superaceCZ 28 — 18d

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