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I can't quite grasp StreamingEnabled after reading the Wiki page?

Asked by 10 months ago
Edited 10 months ago

So I just wanted some clarification on StreamingEnabled is that basically

The server has everything loaded and the client does not

Basically in simple terms

But I was wondering how this made any sense because if the server lags and has like 1 million parts in a server

the client will obviously lag too

Even if the client does NOT have the 1 million parts downloaded into their workspace


This is what I wanted some clarification on.

Will the client still lag when the server has 1 million parts inside of the server but the client has not downloaded it yet?

or will the server just crash

THIS LOGIC makes sense because

technically when the server crashes the client crashes also.

Just because the client has not downloaded any content does not mean they are seperate from the server

meaning they dont crash while the server does

or am I thinking about this the wrong way?

So basically the main question here is With streaming enabled on when the server crashes will the client still be playing the game

Basically to test this

Server Script

for i = 1,100000000000000000 do local Part ="Part,workspace) end

Local Script



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