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How do I get the model to be in the LeftHand?

Asked by 20 days ago

Trying to get a Katana in the player's left hand, but the sword is just vertical in the arm. Script works fine, just wondering if anyone knows what I should change the CFrame to. I can't use a tool grip editor as the thing i'm trying to equip in the hand is a model, not a tool. I am also making it compatible for both R6 and R15

(Here is what it looks like)

local rp = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage") local Sword = rp:WaitForChild("Sword") local cframes = { ["Left Arm"] =,-1,0), ["LeftHand"] =,0,0) }

^^ Not the whole script just the cframes table

you mean you don't want it as a tool? ninjaleon1919 0 — 20d
No im planning to do something else with it tumtindy 4 — 20d

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