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Why does this Int value decide to not subtract, and instead do the complete opposite??

Asked by 1 year ago
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I'm currently building an inventory/shop/buildable system, the inventory system relies on int values in a folder of the actual player to tell how many items each player has. A player can buy an item from the "shop" (on the right) then click on the item in there inventory GUI and place it. When a player buys an item it causes the int value in the players inventory folder to increase, when they place this item, it fires a Remote event which triggers the placement of the item and is supposed to trigger a subtraction of the int value. Instead it does the complete opposite, resetting the value to 1 and then increasing from there. Below are a couple screenshots and a video along with the code in question. Anyone have ideas on why this is happening and how to fix it?

Example of the problem:

Image of explorer (In yellow is the remote function I mentioned, In green are the int values in question and in blue is the GUI for the inventory, everything else is named and pretty self explanatory):

Code that makes the Int values go up and down:

local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Inventory = Player:WaitForChild("Inventory")
local Frame = script.Parent

for i, Item in pairs(Frame:GetChildren()) do

    if Item:IsA("TextButton") then


            local ValueToChange = Inventory:FindFirstChild(Item.Name)

            ValueToChange.Value = ValueToChange.Value +1
            print("value was increased")

local PlaceEvent = game.ReplicatedStorage.PlaceEvent


    local ValueToChange = Player.Inventory:FindFirstChild(PreviewObject)

    if ValueToChange.Value - 1 >= 0 then
        ValueToChange.Value -=5
    print("Value was decreased")
What’s ValueToChange.Value - 1 for? Puppynniko 1059 — 1y

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