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Why does my model's proximity prompt break upon being cloned?

Asked by 19 days ago

I'm trying to make a tool, which when clicked with, spawns a model. I've pretty much completed it, however when I spawn the model in, during playing the game via Studio, I run into a problem, where I cannot click on the proximity prompt and sit down to steer the cloned boat.

Here's me attempting to sit down on the cloned boat, then sitting down on one which was already in the workspace:

Here's an image of the tool in the Starterpack:

Here's an image of the script itself:

bin = script.Parent

function onButton1Down(mouse)

    local Object = bin.SpawnableObject:clone()
    Object.Parent = game.Workspace


function onSelected(mouse)
    mouse.Icon = "rbxasset://textures\\GunCursor.png"
    mouse.Button1Down:connect(function() onButton1Down(mouse) end)


I've also attempted to remove the Proximity Prompt entirely- however I cannot sit down in the seat of the cloned boat.

I think I may need to create a new Proximity Prompt upon cloning, however I'm not sure how to do this.

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