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How to fix Incomplete statement error?

Asked by 19 days ago

i get an error on line 20 saying: "Incomplete statement: expected assignment or a function call"

    Message Translator
    Made by Aim, updated by cli
    Credits to Riptxde for the sending chathook

if not game['Loaded'] then game['Loaded']:Wait() end; repeat wait(.06) until game:GetService('Players').LocalPlayer ~= nil
local YourLang = "en" -- Language code that the messages are going to be translated to

local googlev = isfile'googlev.txt' and readfile'googlev.txt' or ''

function googleConsent(Body)
    local args = {}

    for match in Body:gmatch('<input type="hidden" name=".-" value=".-">') do
        local k,v = match:match('<input type="hidden" name="(.-)" value="(.-)">')
        args[k] = v
    googlev = args.v
    writefile('googlev.txt', args.v)

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