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Make a Hold E or Press E system exploit proof?

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blockmask 374 Moderation Voter
7 months ago

Hello, I'm making a input service type of system similar to Jailbreak. In my game, the player will hold E for a certain amount of seconds and it will change the brickcolor of a part.

I have scripted all of this in a localscript for now as I'm unable to figure out a way to make this exploit proof. I already know how to use RemoteEvents and common practices I can use to see if the remote event being fired is valid. I have a fair knowledge in remote events, The only issue is there is no way to check on the server if the 'E' key has really been pressed for that long, meaning exploiters can just fire the event and bypass holding e

heres some code if it helps

local functions = {
    ["Turn Green"] = {
        func = function(part) part.BrickColor ="Lime green") end
    ["Turn Red"] = {
        func = function(part) part.BrickColor ="Really red") end

if numValue.Value >= 360 then --if held for however many seconds
    holding.Value = false
    numValue.Value = 0
    local name
    local func 
    for i,v in pairs(functions) do -- All the functions, normally this would be in a server script
        if desc.Text == i then
            name = i
            func = v.func 
    if name and func then
        if name == "Turn Green" or name == "Turn Red" then
            func(obj.Value) -- this whole piece should have been in a server script, only issue is i cant get around that remote event exploit issue

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Answered by 7 months ago

Hi, I think it would be better if you post this question in the Roblox devforum. People there would most likely know how to make an exploit system

Thank you! WIll do blockmask 374 — 7mo

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