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is it good idea to make "fake" remote event that will catch exploiters?

Asked by 5 days ago

I am beginner programmer and I am about to finish my game but I do not know how secure it is, I can't also go back to all scripts I have made that fires remote server.

I also don't really know how exploiters or hackers work

so is it wise to make remote event called for example "Get50000Money" and when its fired it would ban player? except it will be never fired unless hacker fires it themselves.

I don't think that would work, there is no way to protect remote events. SEAN_YT213 104 — 5d
its not protecting, its like bait, when hacker sees remote event that says get50000money they would try to fire it but when it gets fired it will ban player who fired it. Sabailuridze 111 — 5d
I'm not too sure about that, i mean you can try. SEAN_YT213 104 — 5d

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