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Why does this kohls infinite admin custom command not work?

Asked by 15 days ago
Edited 15 days ago

I have this custom command setup for my pet based game so admins can give players pets(pet giving code not yet implemented):

{{'Give','givePet'},{'Gives a player a pet','ezra37170 ice_golem'},3,{'string','string'},function(pl,args)
        print(args[1], args[2])

for some reason if I run this command in game with the arguments of 1 and 2, this command prints 1 2 2 to the console.

if I want to fetch a player using:

local player = game.Players:FindFirstChild(args[1])

then it will throw an error because there is obviously not a player named ezra37170 ice_golem

Please help me fix this command.

for now I can take two arguments of a number and then a string, but referencing pets as numbers is annoying so please help

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