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[SOLVED] How to make code wait until :MoveTo() is finished?

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XRed03 15
15 days ago
Edited by Leamir 15 days ago

So I am trying to make a code that makes a dummy walk to random positions across the map. I am using a system that involves using a while true do statement. the thing is, while the dummy is walking, another :MoveTo() code interferes. if have tried to use repeat wait() until humanoid.MovedToFinished ('humanoid' is a variable for the dummy's humanoid, if you couldn't guess). Anyhow, that didn't work apparently. I'm stumped. I need the gods of scripting to shine upon me. Help?

I might have an Idea. Watch this video I made: *This should help VipDanT 0 — 15d
Oh, it was humanoid.MovedToFinished:Wait(). Thanks A Lot!!! XRed03 15 — 15d

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