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Last player alive not getting a win. but the last player that died is??

Asked by 18 days ago
Edited 18 days ago

I have made a simple round script and the last player thats alive in the round should get a win added to their leaderstats. For some reason the last player who died (the person the last player alive killed) is getting the win. Here is my code (btw its not all my code, i have compiled some code from other sources nd stuff)

local ServerStorage = game:GetService("ServerStorage") local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage") local Players = game:GetService("Players") local Maps = ServerStorage:WaitForChild('Maps'):GetChildren() local Status = ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild('Status') while true do --Intermission local Countdown = 30 -- intermission, make this as long as you want repeat wait(1) Countdown = Countdown - 1 Status.Value = 'Intermission : '..Countdown until Countdown <= 0 --Choose the map. Status.Value = 'Choosing Map...' local ChosenMap = Maps[math.random(1, #Maps)]:Clone() local Spawns = ChosenMap:FindFirstChild('Spawns'):GetChildren() wait(5) -- little pause, make this as long as you want ChosenMap.Parent = workspace Status.Value = 'Map chosen, teleporting players.' wait(2) -- little pause, make this as long as you want local Knife = ServerStorage.Knife local luger = ServerStorage.Luger --teleport the players local playersInRound = {} -- track alive players local connections = {} -- store connections to disconnect later for _, Player in pairs(Players:GetChildren()) do if Player.Character and Player.Character:FindFirstChild('Humanoid') then local RandomSpawn = Spawns[math.random(1, #Spawns)] Player.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = RandomSpawn.CFrame local newKnife = Knife:Clone() local newLuger = luger:Clone() newKnife.Parent = Player.Backpack newLuger.Parent = Player.Backpack table.insert(playersInRound, Player) -- add all players to table connections[Player.Name] = Player.Character.Humanoid.Died:Connect(function() table.remove(playersInRound, table.find(playersInRound, Player)) if playersInRound[2] ~= nil then -- Nothing else -- What to happen when last player is alive print("The Winner is: " ..playersInRound[1].Name) -- or playersInRound[1].Name Player.leaderstats.Wins.Value = Player.leaderstats.Wins.Value + 1 -- I don't know if its called "Wins" but change it as you please end end) end end connections["Removing"] = game.Players.PlayerRemoving:Connect(function(player) -- remove player from list if they leave local ind = table.find(playersInRound, player) if ind then table.remove(playersInRound, ind) end end) Countdown = 5 -- Starting Round In, make this as long as you want repeat wait(1) Countdown = Countdown - 1 Status.Value = 'Starting Round in : '..Countdown until Countdown <= 0 Countdown = 60 -- Game Time repeat wait(1) Countdown = Countdown - 1 Status.Value = 'Ingame : '..Countdown until Countdown <= 0 or #playersInRound == 1 --Dax could you make a gui pop up here that makes the last player left, the winner, get 1 win added to win leaderstats and also have a gui pop up on everyones screens --that says the winner, and also awards the winner 100 coins --Kill the players for _, connection in pairs(connections) do -- disconnect connections to prevent memory leaks connection:Disconnect() end for _, Player in pairs(playersInRound)do Player:LoadCharacter() end ChosenMap:Destroy() Status.Value = 'Round Ended, waiting for new game.' wait(4) -- little pause, make this as long as you want. end
try changing the Player.leaderstats.Wins.Value = Player.leaderstats.Wins.Value + 1 to playersInRound[1].leaderstats.Wins.Value += 1 VAnkata20 49 — 17d

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