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How to change image transparency of multiple labels at once?

Asked by 13 days ago

How can I change the transparency of 6 different image labels all at the same time?

Currently I have them all defined like this:

local classBorders = {script.Parent.Parent.BDs.classBDx, script.Parent.Parent.BDs.classBDx1, script.Parent.Parent.BDs.classBDy, script.Parent.Parent.BDs.classBDy1, script.Parent.Parent.BDs.classBDz, script.Parent.Parent.BDs.classBDz1}

However when I try change the transparency it won't work.

I recommending studying the following article. It will help solidify your knowledge on tables and proper iteration**. Ziffixture 6863 — 13d

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Answered by 13 days ago
Edited 13 days ago

We can use something called for loops for this. for loops lets you run a command or group of commands at a set number of times, or we can use it to iterate through tables/arrays. It should look something like this:

local Alphabet = {"A", "B", "C", "D"} -- Your table here

for i,v in pairs(Alphabet) do -- You can name i and v anything you want. i stands for index and v stands for value
    print(i .. " | " .. v)
    task.wait(1) -- Just some extra stuff, and task.wait is exclusive to Roblox, Lua doesn't officially have this syntax.
    print(v .. " is in the alphabet!")


1 | A

2 | B

3 | C

4 | D

Script waits for 1 second

A is in the alphabet!

B is in the alphabet!

C is in the alphabet!

D is in the alphabet!

And you can play around with this, like changing all of the parent's children's property. (e.g changing every x's children transparency to 0.5)

This, of course isn't a complete tutorial about for loops. You can see more in the DevForum link @Ziffixture sent in the comment section.

Happy scripting!

Thank you! SilentKiller5557 6 — 13d

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