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Need help with getting constants for this obfuscated script. Will someone help?

Asked by 18 days ago

Hello, so I have a exploiter in my game and finally caught what he uses. When I went to the loadstring though the script was obfuscated (of course). I was searching through the web to see how to possible revert it to the normal script or something but I just couldn't do it. Could someone maybe do it for me and drop the constants they get from the crack in the comments section below? I would love for someone to help me out or lead me the correct way with this! Thanks all.

(sorry I have to post the link to get to the obfuscated script due to it being so long.)


Your vulnerabilities lie in your RemoteEvents. Ensure you're not giving the client too much authority. For example, allowing them to suggest price for a shop item or damage for a weapon. It helps to follow up with sanity checks in certain scenarios.  Ziffixture 6863 — 17d
Make sure you don't have any malicious require calls or plug-ins installed Ziffixture 6863 — 17d
Alright thanks. MR_Enforcement 0 — 17d

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