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Not sure what they mean by request, I'm not sure if this is one? [closed]

Asked by 8 years ago

I'm sorry if this is a request, but Is this just Q&A, no teaching? What about beginners, people who know nothing about code. What are they supposed to do, what questions are they supposed to ask? How would they even know where to start? Because this is me, and I don't have a question about a specific command or something or for a game I'm working on. Because I am not working on a game. I want to know where to actually start, So I can actually start making the game, after learning to script.

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Answered by 8 years ago

There are a lot of places to start!

Personally, I started on The beginners tutorial on scripting in the Roblox wiki Link can be found here

Also, find good channels on youtube that go in depth with scripting.

This other video got me into scripting, and it planted what has grown to my low to moderate knowlage of scripting :P

so once you get the basics there is one, and probably the best way to get better at scripting- and that is to PRACTICE Sometimes you can take apart free models and learn from them, or think of something really crazy and do your best to script it, if you have trouble go on the wiki on on scripting helpers to get help.

Good luck on your road to scripting!

Thanks, That really helps. PixelMixer 15 — 8y
By the way, If someone answers your question, under the person's name is a button that says "answered", click it to say that I answered this question. It also helps the arrow up by my name SpazzMan502 133 — 8y
Also, just to clear up. Questions are scripts and stuff is allowed. Requests are someone saying "Make me a  script that does so and so" without providing any script or anything saying theyve tried or anything SpazzMan502 133 — 8y