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Problem with for i,v in pairs returning a number?

Asked by
dirk29 0
7 years ago

I have this function towards the top of my script.

function maps() for i,v in ipairs(game.Lighting.Maps:GetChildren()) do wait(1) return i end end

I currently have a group in Lighting called 'Maps'. I have 2 maps in the Map group.

A little way down the script I have this now,

local Num = math.random(1,maps())
message("Welcome to Speed Runner! | V"..ver.." | Game Setting Up...",5)
message("Maps Loaded: "..maps().."",2)
message("Choosing Map",3)

(I have a message function at the top but that's not the problem.)

In the center the "Maps Loaded:" only says one. I can't get it to say two although I have 2 maps in lighting. What I don't understand is why is the function maps() only returning 1 map? Is there a way around this? It's probably an easy fix but for the life of me I cant figure this out.

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Answered by 7 years ago

You have to create the message first, if you haven't done so already;

local g ='Message', Workspace)
g.Text = "Welcome to Speed Runner!"


I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but if you just type "Message("Welcome to Speed Runner!"), then message wouldn't be a valid member of game because you have to actually create it.

I'm not sure if you have this somewhere else in the code but.. Hope this helped.

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Answered by
BlueTaslem 18066 Moderation Voter Administrator Community Moderator Super Administrator
7 years ago

Let's first examine your maps function.

function maps()
    for i,v in ipairs(game.Lighting.Maps:GetChildren()) do
        return i

I'm going to change it slightly so that it uses a parameter and selects from a list. We'll call it select:

function select(list)
    for i,v in pairs( list ) do
        -- Ignore the wait -- it's not important since we're returning right away
        return i

There's an issue here. return stops execution. That means we'll only do this for the first thing it comes across in the loop.

i is the index in the list, v is the value. Since it's a list, we'll have listofmaps[1] be one map and listofmaps[2] be another map. 1 will be the first value of i, so it will return that.

I'm not exactly sure why you're using maps as a function at all. It seems more like you just need the list of all maps, which would just be

maps = game.Lighting.Maps:GetChildren()
-- You should use ReplicatedStorage / ServerStorage instead

You can get the number of maps using simple #maps (which is the length of the list maps) and you can get the ith map from it simply using maps[i].

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