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Any idea how people are exploiting like this?

Asked by 2 years ago


So I admin for my friends game and he's had extreme exploiters in his game, like every server was like the clip below, we added a group system now temporarily so people could actually play safely, any idea what this could be? Backdoor, etc?

He said his game doesn't use any free models, everything was made by him, except his admin which is Adonis.


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Answered by 2 years ago
Edited 2 years ago

From my experience trying to do anti-exploit with relatively popular games, these are the issues I've encountered:

  1. Plugins

I'm unsure if this is still an issue with the plugin revamp, but it killed a game that had hundreds of thousands of robux invested into it back in maybe 2017-18. Make sure all of your plugins are safe.

  1. Free Models

He says he doesn't use free models besides adonis, still always good to check.

Those are the 2 (main) things that have caused backdoor scripts to be inserted into my game.

If going through those don't work, there's always the fun method of typing "Script" into the explorer searchbar and deleting all the scripts manually. I don't understand how exploits like that could work without backdoors if FilteringEnabled is turned on (which i'm pretty sure roblox enforces now).

Thank you! He fixed it and wants to let you know that he thanks you Mario684 4 — 2y

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