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Why do I get weird error's inside my game even tho I don't have any scripts in my game yet?

Asked by 1 month ago

Requested module experienced an error while loading, Unable to load plugin icon. (x2)

Are 2 examples of different error's I've been randomly getting. Why is it doing that? Could someone explain it because I've not used any scripts inside my game execpt:

local clickDetector = workspace.Union.ClickDetector

function onMouseClick() Union.Transparency = 1 end


(Don't blame me. New to scripting, the script doesn't even work if I'm not wrong) Yes I have deleted the script and the error's in the output, but as soon as I re-open studio they're still there.

*I also Saved yes. EMoreLikePp 1 — 1mo
Core scripts create errors at times ColdFoxy07 61 — 1mo

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Answered by
Xapelize 1971 Moderation Voter
1 month ago

It's not an error at your scripts, it's ROBLOX plugins broke or outdated so it will appear this error but don't worry they will fix it soon!

Also your script should be:

local clickDetector = workspace.Union.ClickDetector

function onMouseClick()
    workspace.Union.Transparency = 1


The error occurs on line 3 in your script:

Because when you just typed Union.Transparency and the script doesn't know what do you mean by "Union", so it gives out an error, instead, you point out where is the "Union", which is at Workspace > Union, so it's:


instead of


Hope this helped :)

Ty so much! EMoreLikePp 1 — 1mo

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